Industries We Service

Data Migration Services works with many different data sources and across many different industries. Below is a list of the industries that we've rendered services for; even if your industry isn't listed below, feel free to contact us for a free consultation and we can evaulate your objectives and/or project to see if our data migration and other services are a good fit for your needs in your particular space.

Financial Industry

If your business is either within or related to the Financial Industry, then its quite likely that your business is dealing with large volumes of transactions. If you need assistance with migrating or converting any of those transaction records, or if you're upgrading to a new system, our migration services might benefit your business. Financial data must also be very secure - if you're in the FinTech industry and need to encrypt all of your data, you might consider our Data Encryption services. Check out our How-to guide and sample of a tool that can encrypt a database table of data here: Encrypt MySQL Database Tool

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Legal / eDiscovery

When it comes to case work, law firms are always looking for ways to better find and aggregate evidence. Typically firms will out source the evidence gathering to Document Management companies, who use eDiscovery software, or sometimes larger firms will purchase their own eDiscovery solution. Often times the amount of data that attorneys or document management companies need to sift through is vast, and often times our expert data analysis and expert data migration capabilities can assist these business with:

  • eDiscovery system upgrades and data migrations
  • internal system upgrades and data migrations
  • expert data analysis
  • expert reporting and/or custom reporting tools
Check out our Professional Services page to learn more.

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Non Profit

Non profits are companies with missions to help certain people, groups or organizations. Although Non Profits generally operate as 501(c) organizations and have to fulfill IRS Form 990 requirements, they too still have to operate efficiently and effectively like for profit businesses. And regardless of what type of business a company is, software and technology can help faciliate in many areas of running a business. Our non-profit clients use software to fulfill many needs, and whenever new software or systems become available to make things better and more efficient, system upgrades are in order. We offer custom data migration services for non-profits that need to have their data moved into new or different systems. We also have some examples and case studies of work we've performed within the Non-Profit industry on our Data Migration Services page and Custom Reporting Services page.

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Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

We have performed over two dozen data migrations for Original Equipment Manufacturers, specifically related to their Aftermarket and Part Sales departments. Most of the large equipment manufacturers that we have worked with were using legacy parts catalog authoring systems such Link One, Catbase, SparePort2, Framemaker, or sometimes simply Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw to create PDF manuals. Regardless of which legacy system our clients were using, whenever they wanted to upgrade to a new and improved system, we were always able to accurately and successfully migrate all of their parts manuals, technical service manuals, safety bulletins and any other technical documentation into their new system.

In addition to upgrading legacy data, we also rendered other services such as custom reporting, expert data analysis, and custom application development.

To learn more, check out our Professional Services page to learn more. We also provide some examples and case studies on each of our services pages.

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Are you an entrepreneur, contractor or any other member of the public and need some help with one of your projects?

Contact us and let us know if we can help! We offer some free migration information, tips and tools on our website, and if there are additional services or tools that we offer, we do take recommendations for new tools and in some cases even offer services.

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Software Engineering

If you or your company provides software, but could use some help with database migrations, file or record conversions, or legacy system migrations, we might be able to help. We also offer implementation services for Software as a Service companies, which allows your company to focus on its core: which is software development, while partnering with us to help your customers actually use and implement your software. Simply contact us for a free consultation so that we can learn more about your specific needs.

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Other Industry?

Even if we haven't worked specifically in your industry, if your company requires a data migration, records to be converted, files or images converted, expert data analysis, or any other service that we offer, we'd be happy to add your industry to our list of industries served! Contact us for a free consultation, or simply visit our Professional Services page to learn more.

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