Migrating/Converting Records Services

What is migrating records?

A record migration is the process or result of migrating (or converting) records from one data format or system, into a different format or system. Migrating records is similar to a data or database migration, but differs in that the perspective of looking at the data, as well as cost, are pre determined based on the number of records.

To demonstrate the difference between a legacy system migration and a record migration, consider the following example.
A) A company purchases a new enterprise software system and needs all of their data from the previous system migrated into the new system.
B) A different company uses financial software for all of their financial records and transactions, and as part of a lawsuit, they need to provide a law firm with all records or transactions of a specific type.

In Example A, this would be considered a data migration, as the entire legacy system data needs to be moved or migrated into the newer system.
In Example B, this would be considered a record migration, as only specific records (and an amount that can be counted and determined), needs to be converted or aggregated into some format for distribution to the law firm.

In general, data migrations are larger, encompass many different types of records, the records' metadata, other related data, as well as files and other artifacts. And a record migration is generally more narrow or specifically scoped to certain types of records.

Who needs records migrated?

Any person or company that needs specific records converted into a different format, or into a different storage location (or both). Examples of records could be customers, invoices, transactions, products or other entries. If a company needs these records to be:

  • Exported from their system
  • Moved into a different location within the same system
  • Imported into a different location or system
  • Or any of the above

Then it is the case that the individual or company could benefit from having their records converted or migrated.

Examples of records that we've converted or migrated for clients

Below are just a few examples of records that we have migrated for our clients across the world:

Client's Industry Client's Objective Our Service Delivery / Solution
Construction Our client had an Asset Management system, but for their worldwide fleet of construction equipment, the AM system was not the system of record (although it should have been). Their objective was for us to accurately gather all of the distinct records of their fleet, as well as the assemblies which make up each machine, which spanned multiple product lines across multiple continents and manufacturing centers, and merge them into one maintainable location and to serve as their system of record (source of truth for their fleet). The challenge in this project was that all of the data came from secondary and tertiary systems, often times not even from any kind of Asset Management system, but rather from their Technical Publications groups who produced technical documentation for the equipment that each publisher's site manufactured. Our solution involved successfully decrypting, ingesting and analyzing data across multiple systems, and aggregating a single database for their worldwide fleet.

In total, we:
  • analyzed records from 4 different documentation systems
  • ingested over 8TB of data and over 18 million files
  • accurately migrated a fleet of 10,000+ records
  • accurately migrated 150,000+ engineering assembly records
E-Commerce Our client manufactures reed diffusers for large retail chains throughout the United States, eg Walmart, Kohl's, Sears, K-Mart etc. While a large portion of their business was selling in bulk to large retail chains, they also wanted to offer B2C sales via an e-commerce website. All of their product records were stored in their ERP MAS90 system, and their objective was to migrate these records into a new eCommerce / Website Database Schema to make product listings available via the web. In addition to migrating the records, we were also responsible for developing a new database schema to store their products.

In total, we:
  • migrated 500+ product records
  • migrated 1000+ picture records
  • developed a custom database schema for their records

Inquires about converting or migrating records

If you or your company would like to inquire about working with Data Migration Services Services to convert or migrate records for you, please contact us or use our free consultation form page to request a free consultation with one of our Lead Solutions Architects.