Custom Data Analysis Services

What is a custom data analysis?

A custom data analysis is essentially any analysis performed on one or more datasets by an expert who can work with, ingest, analyze and interpret data.

Who can benefit from custom data analysis services?

Although a data analysis should be an integral part of many types of projects, it is often over shadowed and/or not even considered at all. Often times projects are simply kicked off and the requirements gathering session begins, but the analysis of the project's data is completely missing, and thus there is hardly any analytical input that can be used as a basis for the project's requirements gathering session. A direct side effect of omitting an expert analysis is missed requirements, partial solutions, and ultimately more time and money must be spent towards the end of the project to try and fulfill the gaps that were missed.

There are many types of projects and scenarios where an expert data analysis is useful, far too many to list. Below is just a short list of some examples where an expert data analysis would prove to be a highly useful service:

  • Every data migration
  • Every legacy system migration
  • Any project that involves a large dataset. For example:
    • All ERP projects
    • All PLM or PDM projects
    • All projects that involve the use of data within a database
  • Prior to any data cleansing or cleanup project
  • An expert analysis of data is especially useful whenever a project's main data source are thousands of files, whether they are CSVs, XML, JSON, TXT, MIF, Excel etc. Any time there are thousands of files within a project, they should always be ingested, analyzed and interpreted before beginning any kind of development using those files, as it is never a good assumption to assume that all of the data within the files will conform to a certain schema or structure.

Examples of expert data analysis delivered to clients

Below are just a few examples of expert data analysis that we have performed for our clients:

Client's Industry Client's Objective Our Service Delivery / Solution
Non-Profit Our client found out that having an expert service provider capable of providing ad-hoc data analysis and reporting, whenever needed, would help them make better business decisions. As such, they retained us and we continue to provide on-going expert assistance whenever they need insights into any type of question about the data within their database. We continue to provide on-going analysis whenever it is requested. Our solution is always based on understanding what is the exact question or problem, and what data or information is required to solve the problem or question. We then begin to ingest the data, analyze it, interpret it, and present the results to our client.
Engineering Our client had tens of thousands of engineering diagrams, and they wanted to know how often a certain condition is present within their drawings. Generally, images would not be considered easily analyzable data. Most people would be familiar with raster graphics (BMP, GIF, JPG, etc), but they lose quality as the size of the image is increased. In order to retain the ability to scale a type of image or drawing, it is better to create the image as a vector graphic, rather than a raster graphic. Most modern engineers will design using CAD systems, and CAD drawings can be exported to a vector format, such as SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), which retains the mathematic data that makes up the drawing. A vector image is made up of math (lines, curves, matrix transformations, etc), rather than colored pixels. As a result, we were able to ingest all of their vector image data into a database and perform an expert analysis of the data via complex modeling and queries. This allowed us to locate certain conditions, and provide an expert analysis that would answer the questions they had about which drawings were comprised of certain conditions. This was a unique case of data analysis, but proved to be effective at answering the questions posed by our client.

Inquires about custom data analysis services

If you or your company would like to inquire about working with us here at Data Migration Services to have us develop custom data analysis or custom analysis tools for you or your business, please contact us or use our free consultation form page to request a free consultation with one of our Lead Solutions Architects.