Data Migration Help

As the amount of information throughout the world continues to increase, and companies continue to upgrade systems, data migrations are becoming more and more commonplace. It is typically the case that the companies who need a data migration for their business, have very little experience or knowledge about it. To make matters worse, the most common method for migrating data seems to be the flawed ETL approach, which only produces accurate results when doing very basic migrations where the source data and target match quite nicely, business rules for transformations are limited, duplicates or 'fluff' data isn't a concern, and when the target system doesn't have application or publishing contraints on the data schema. Unfortunately, these conditions usually only exist in the most basic migrations: for example, moving some simple records, or just changing data formats. But when it comes to enterprise data migrations, or legacy system upgrades, these data migrations get larger, more complex and require a team of highly skilled and expert data analysts and programmers.

Below are some resources to help companies and/or technical folks better understand data migrations tools, processes and services:

Data Migration Internal Resources

    >> Data Migration Frequently Asked Questions
    >> Data Migration A-ETL Process
    >> Data Migration Project Methodology
    >> Data Migration Free Tools
    >> Data Migration Free Consultation

Data Migration External Resources

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