About Data Migration Services

Who are we?

We are team of experts that specialize in data, analysis, programming and migrations.

Today is a world filled with an endless amount of information, and that information, or data, continues to grow at a staggering rate each year. As the technology increases, so does the need for companies to upgrade systems and migrate or integrate their data into new systems. We are a team of professional technical consultants, who enjoy looking at, analyzing, understanding, and working with data on a day to day basis. But analyzing data and understanding it isn't enough; we are also excellent programmers. When it comes to writing custom algorithms, or custom programs, capable of analyzing, ingesting, interpreting and migrating the data, we employ some of the best data programmers and consultants in the industry.

It is our mission to not only provide the public with free tools, tips and information related to data migrations, but to also offer professional services of the same to companies of all sizes and across many industries.

Who are you?

Our audience / clients are generally either:

  • Technical folks, looking to utilize our free tools and guides on how to develop data migrations tools and services.
  • Companies, of all sizes, who are looking to upgrade systems, migrate data (or records, or files), integrate data, or have proof of concept programs developed.
  • Analysts, who are looking for the latest tips and information related to all things data migrations.